Mark Kupferman

Make Way For Millenials

Late last year I was interviewed by IAAPA’s Funworld Magazine for an article about Millenials by Prasana William. The article is available online here! The article focuses on what makes Millenials different from other generations and more particularly how it impacts their interest and visitation of theme parks. Read the full article at

Email Marketing Chart: How to improve deliverability (MarketingSherpa)

MarketingSherpa offers a chart from their 2013 Email Benchmark reports which shows the top tactics email marketers are using to improve deliverability. At the top of the list is “Provide an easy unsubscribe process” followed by “measure and remove hard bouncers” and “clean list regularly.” The list coincides with my own experience, although I have…

8 Psychological Triggers to Optimize Your Pricing Page

Thoughtful post that examines several tactics you can use in your online positioning to drive more conversions. Since emotions and psychological triggers influence purchasing behavior, and since consumers depend on products and services to fulfill emotional needs in their lives, pricing pages should meet those needs. The way things are presented to people affects their…