AskItOnline Survey Software

Triexa, a Toronto-based company formerly know as Sensation Designs, is presently beta testing a new web-based survey software system called AskItOnline. Although I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet (the software is in "private" beta with only some screenshots posted), what makes it fascinating is 1) it is a "Web 2.0" type program that utilizes a drag-and-drop web-based interface and a particularly reasonable pricing structure (four levels: "basic" which gives you very little functionaliy but it allows you to collect 100 surveys for free; "standard" which adds themes, some additional survey/design features and a cost of $7 a month for up to 5 surveys with 750 responses each; "professional" which gives you up to 10 surveys and 2500 responses per survey for $15 a month and "enterprise" which allows you to do an unlimited number of surveys with up to 15,000 responses each for $25 a month.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use package that has a very low cost, this pacakge may be for you. Although each level contains different features, the enterprise version allows multi-page surveys, an unlimited number of questions per survey; "star ratings"; randomized responses; the ability to insert images and video; response validation; question piping; skipping/branch logic; and up to a terabyte of data storage. You can also review your results online, download your results, and receive e-mail notification whenever someone completes your survey.

The software is still in "private" beta, but it appears that they are still accepting new testers and it’s always fun to participate in the development of a new program.

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