Author: Mark Kupferman

Real E-Mail and Zip Code Validation for Surveys

Why don’t more survey software packages offer zip code validation or real e-mail address validation? I don’t just mean syntax validation — anyone can offer that (although it is interesting that not everyone does). I mean real zip code validation where the postal code is looked up in a database or an e-mail address is tested as soon as it is entered to verify that it is real. It seems that both of these features would be easy to implement and would be of much use to the client.

IBM SPSS Statistics 19 New Features

IBM/SPSS have posted to their web site the features of IBM SPSS Statistics 19, the latest version of SPSS for 2010 (known briefly for a time as PASW Statistics). New features include general linear mixed models, faster performance, a statistics web portal, automated linear models, a few syntax editor improvements, default measurement levels, a few new direct marketing capabilities and integration with the (new) IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services system.

JayBird Wireless Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones

In my continuing effort to promote products and things that I like, I just wanted to say a few nice words about the JayBird Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones (SB2). I originally bought a set of these when they were first released in the beginning of January, 2010 and have really enjoyed owning them ever since! They work with my computer, my phone, my iPod, my iPad and my television set. They sound good, the fit comfortably, and they take a beating.

IBM SPSS Statistics 19.0 Thoughts

The release of IBM SPSS Statistics 19.0 is in the offing, so I thought I taken my traditional opportunity to rant about the Java platform that SPSS moved to after version 15 and offer a few suggestions regarding what SPSS could do to make me want to switch to SPSS 19 when it is released. Variable Folders and cleaner, simpler cut/paste options would go a long way to get me past my intense dislike of the Java-based interface.

Replicating Multiple Conditional Display Variables in Sawtooth using Javascript

Version 6.4 of Sawtooth Software’s SSI Web allows you to use conditional relationships to display specific text based on the combination of up to four separate attributes. However, for a recent project I did where I needed to combine the results of seven attributes in order to display a certain price, the built in capabilities wasn’t enough and I had to use Javascript to achieve my goal. In case anyone is interested, here is (basically) how I did it.

Orlando BMW Repair Recommendation

This week I brought my 2001 BMW 325 convertible to BMW Tech LLC in Orlando for a number of long-overdue repairs and adjustments. It is a small shop located off of Orange Blossom Trail just south of the BMW dealership. The service is amazing; the prices are fair and the owner/technician who worked on my car is about as honest and forthright as I’ve ever experienced. I wholeheartedly recommend BMW Tech LCC for anyone who needs BMW service or BMW repair in the Orlando area.

Ruby Tabulation Software

Tim Macer of meaning ltd. wrote an article about Ruby Tabluation Software from the Australian firm Red Centre Software. I’ve always struggled way ways to automate the analysis and reporting on my ongoing surveys so I was intrigued. I signed up for the trial (they were very flexible — first they spent about an hour and a half with me on a webinar and then they let me try the full, unencumbered version of the software for more than a month) and fell in love with it.

20 Questions a Journalist Should Ask About Poll Results

I came across a particularly good article on the web site of the National Council on Public Polls by Sheldon Gawiser and G. Evans Witt entitled, “20 Questions a Journalist Should Ask About Poll Results.” Im not a journalist — but what I find particularly helpful about this article is that it helps me understand the way other people are viewing (or should be viewing) my research and gives me some great things to think about when I’m putting together my own projects.

Selecting the Right Respondents for your Survey (Setting your Quotas)

Not all respondents are created equal. It’s true. Just because you can convince someone to take your survey doesn’t mean you necessarily want them to take your survey. In fact, ensuring that the right respondents take your survey (in the right proportions) is probably among the most important things you can do to ensure that you finish your project with survey results that you can use.

SPSS Statistics 17.0 Frustrates Me (a review)

I finally received my copy of SPSS Statistics 17 a couple of days ago and determined that I would try to push past my frustration with the “new and improved” Java-based interface and use it to analyze some data for a report I’m working on. But I can’t do it. There aren’t enough compelling features in the new version of SPSS to help me get past my frustration with the Java interface. So I’m sticking with SPSS 15.

Great Statistical Resource: The Analysis Factor StatChat

Statistical consultant Karen Grace-Martin launched a new blog in July, 2008 called “StatChat” which makes a lot of relevant, important, but sometimes hard to grasp statistical concepts easy to understand. Categories of postings include linear regression, missing data, spss, sas, anova, factor analysis, and sample size — things that all market research deal with on a regular basis (whether they like it or not!).

SPSS or Excel

Why use a data analysis package like SPSS when you could use Excel? I’ve just come across an interesting marketing piece from SPSS that goes into benefits one gets from using a dedicated data analysis package instead of trying to do all of your analysis in a spreadsheet. While it would be fair to expect that this isn’t necessary an unbiased comparison, it might offer some food for thought to those of you trying to figure out why you should bother to upgrade.