Confirmit Flex Announced

Confirmit, one of the biggest online research software companies (they make the survey software that the big research firms use) has announced Confirmit Flex, a new application platform that makes it possible for the company to develop new applications for clients quickly, effortlessly and without disrupting the main Confirmit service that so many companies count on.

One example of the new technology is the ability of Confirmit users to have their survey automatically rendered “outside the HTML/browser paradigm.” For example, Confirmit Flex makes it easy to program your survey for regular web users and then have that survey also appear on iPhones, or in Flash, or as a Widget on a blog.

The software makes it possible for Confirmit to launch new elements of it’s system quickly, without disrupting the regular “main” Confirmit codebase which is so important to so many research agencies. As they describe it:

Effectively, Confirmit Flex has allowed us to create a system that at its heart is a super-tanker (Confirmit) but which can be improved by speed boats (Flex components) enabling us, our partners, and clients to respond rapidly to market changes and take advantageof emerging technologies.”

Read more about Confirmit Flex (including more technical details)

Confirmit Flex Press Release

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