Do-It-Yourself Online Research for Entertainment Venues

Last month I gave a presentation/seminar at the 2013 International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions entitled, “Analytics in Action: Do-It-Yourself Online Research for Entertainment Venues.” Details about the seminar, as well as the slides/presentation, are available for download.

The presentation covered:

  • Should you be doing your own research?
  • Which projects can you (safely) do yourself?
  • Practical Guide to Self-Service Research
    • Choosing the right survey software
    • Developing your questionnaire
    • Programming considerations
    • Finding/choosing respondents
    • Interpreting your results
    • Presenting your data
  • Making the most of your results

The published description of the seminar is below.

Few entertainment venues can afford to hire outside researchers each time they are faced with new marketing mix questions, guest satisfaction issues, or capital allocation decisions. Fortunately a variety of inexpensive online tools now make it possible for facilities to collect actionable feedback directly from guests. Explore when it is appropriate (and safe) to conduct your own in-house consumer research. Understand the process of setting up your own “do-it-yourself” program including: selecting the right survey tools, asking the right questions (in the right way), choosing the right guests to take your survey, best practices for collecting responses, tips for analyzing your data, and ideas for presenting results. Your guests want to tell you what they think — all you have to do is ask!

Download/view the slides from the presentation.

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