How to Use Content Grouping In Google Analytics

We use Content Groups on the Six Flags Google Analytics account for tracking both our store pages and our ride pages across parks. At Six Flags, each park’s website is a subdirectory off of the main sixflags.com domain. The pages for each park fall within a similar structure within each subdirectory. For example:


Sometimes we want to be able to view all of the activity of all of our season pass pages as a single line item, so we can then compare it to other product pages. Content Grouping makes this possible.

The article “How to Use Content Grouping in Google Analytics” by Courtney Danyel on the SearchEnginePeople.com website explains how to setup content groups. It does an excellent job of explaining how they work and how to set them up. In our case, we used the “Group by Extraction” option with on extraction set up as follows:


To read the full article, visit SearchEnginePeople:
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