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In my continuing effort to promote products and things that I like, I just wanted to say a few nice words about the (SB2). I originally bought a set of these when they were first released in the beginning of January, 2010 and have really enjoyed owning them ever since! They work with my computer, my phone, my , my and my television set. They sound good, the fit comfortably, and they take a beating.

Jaybird Sportsband SB2 in BlackI’ve been looking for a set of wireless headphones for a while, and it wasn’t really until recently that it seemed as if they were commonly available in a size and shape that was appropriate for . I was on my treadmill using some traditional wireless headphones which worked OK for a while but weren’t really designed for running (even in place). The original JayBird Sportsband was in December just getting ready for shipping, so I put in my order and received my pair (the original SB1) right after the first of the year. The total cost was about $101.

The package for the Sportsband included the headset, a USB cable for recharging (you have to plug it into your computer or some kind of USB charger) and a six panel instruction sheet. While the instructions were short, it really didn’t take much time to get the headphones set up and and paired with both my iPod Touch and a small Sony Bluetooth transmitter which I had attached to my TV.

The controls on the Sportsband headphones are very simple — there aren’t a lot of them and the functionality they provide depends on the device you connect the Sportsband to. There is a power switch, up/down volume buttons and two additional buttons which (depending on the device) will move you to the previous or next track. I found that when connected to my computer I was able to use all five of the buttons — when connected to my iPod or (more recently) my iPad, only the volume controls work (that is to say, the previous/next track button doesn’t do anything).

The JayBird Sportsband is very small and light. It fits comfortably on my head. I should note that it is warrantied against damage caused by sweat, which can be important if you use it for exercise. I find that the Sportsband does a very good job holding a signal with any of the devices I’ve used it with. The sound quality is very good (at least to my ears) and there is no static or other improper sounds I had gotten used to hearing with non-Bluetooth headphone devices. Everything sounds good!

Speaking of other devices, I’ve also connected the JayBird Sportsband to my Blackberry (which also has a Bluetooth connection) with excellent results. The headphone also has a built in microphone, so even though I’ve never tried it, one would imagine that you could take it running and answer the phone if someone were to call (to switch from one device such as your iPod to another such as your phone you simply press the on/off button once. You can switch back by pushing it again).

I should say that a couple of weeks ago my original headphones (the original SB1) stopped working. I’m not entirely sure why, but the battery (which usually can last about 8 hours) refused to hold a charge. The warranty on the headphones is one year so I very easily requested an RMA, returned it, and got a brand new set of headphones back via FedEx within just a week or so. Not only that, but the company had upgraded my Sportsband SB1 to a brand new Sportsband SB2 which I’m just breaking in now (it comes with the same box contents, although the instructions are more detailed…plus they included two extra pairs of earphone padding foam — something my original SB1 did not come with).

Jaybird Sportsband Headphones come in a variety of colors.The new Sportsband SB2 comes in a variety of different colors. It also has the ability to integrate with your Bluetooth devices in such a way as to offer CD quality sound through something called . As far as I can tell some Bluetooth devices have this broadcast capability built in — for use with an iPad, iPod or my understanding is that you need to purchase a separate adapter. For myself, I’m fine with the sound quality that I currently get from the device.

As a six-month user of the Jaybird Sportsband, I report myself to be a satisfied customer. The product did exactly what it was supposed to do, and when I had an issue with the device they resolved it by sending me a new one with no questions asked. I gladly recommend it to anyone looking for durable Bluetooth headphones that are light, have strong battery life, and are great for exercise.

Learn more at the jaybirdgear.com web site.

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