About Mark Kupferman

Mark Kupferman is Vice President of Insights & Interactive Marketing for Six Flags based at the Dallas/Ft. Worth corporate headquarters. He is responsible for CRM, web sites, email marketing, loyalty programs, social media and consumer research.

Previously he was Senior Director of Consumer Insights for Universal Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida where he oversaw a team of researchers, analysts and interviewers in a quest to improve the company’s understanding of what our guests want and the best way we can deliver it to them in the way they want it. Mark joined Universal in November, 2006 after serving as vice president of Research & Internet Marketing for Paramount Parks. His education includes a BS from Northeastern University, an MFA from Yale University and an MBA from Wake Forest University.

Mark grew up in Newton, Massachusetts. He has lived in Boston, San Diego, Atlanta, New Haven (CT), Winston-Salem (NC), Charlotte (NC) and now Orlando, Florida. Mark is married to Elizabeth Kupferman, and they live in the Dr. Phillips area just minutes from Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Orlando.

About This Blog

Kupferman.com is literally a weblog — a collection of interesting links and articles that I’ve come across that are worth sharing on a variety of topics that interest me. It has served other purposes in the past (I’ve had something or other at this domain since 1997).

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