Four Factors That Determine the Maximum Length of Your Online Survey

How long should your online survey be? I’ve seen and participated in a number of discussions on this topics over the last several years. After all, you want to collect as much information as possible from your respondents but at the same time you don’t want to annoy them to the point where they quit the survey half-way through. I’ve compiled a list of four factors/questions which determine how long your online survey can reasonably be to avoid dropouts.

Survey Software Email Deliverability Issues

Most survey software systems offer the ability to send out invitations to your potential respondents on your behalf. But how many of the e-mails actually get through, and how many end up in the spam folder? If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years, you can’t assume that your survey software provider will offer the same level of e-mail deliverability management as an e-mail vendor.

QuestionPro Survey Software Blog

The founders/employees of QuestionPro maintain an interesting company blog that, in addition to describing specific features of their service, also includes a variety of more useful, general information that anyone can theoretically use with any survey service. It’s always nice to see a company that isn’t just focused on getting more clients but is also willing to add to the general knowledge available online.

Review of SPSS Tables 16 (SPSS add-on)

Let’s say you’re a market researcher, you have an extra $1000 lying around, and you’re looking for an easier way to improve the look, feel and efficiency of your cross-tabs. What do you buy? If you’re me, you buy the the Tables add-on for SPSS. While the text below certainly isn’t a detailed tutorial on how to use SPSS Tables, it should give you an idea of the features it makes available to help you decide whether it is worth the money.

Optimal Design of Numeric Survey Questions

Have you ever gone to analyze the results of a survey in which you’ve asked for open-ended numeric information (that is, number based fields where respondents type in a number instead of choosing from a drop down list) only to find that many/some of your respondents have entered things like “10-20” or “about 15?” You’re not alone. While many survey systems work to defeat these “alphanumeric elaborations,” Marak Fuchs published a paper last year in which he discussed the “optimal visual design of open-ended frequency questions in web surveys in order to reduce the percentage of alphanumeric elaborations and explicit extremes to frequency questions.”

Using Pre-Survey Incentives to Increase Survey Response Rates

So let’s say that you need to get 500 survey responses. Which is going to be more efficient: sending a list of potential respondents a $5 gift cards along with a request to take a survey or them the promise of a $10 gift certificate if they take your survey? In 2002 Alhoscha Kaplan and Glenn White of Ernst & Young published a paper in which they did such a test and their results were a little surprising.

MarketTools zTelligence adds new features

San Francisco-based MarketTools announced today that their survey software product, zTelligence has been given a variety of new features designed to make the product easier to use including several new advanced capabilities. New features include interactive video tutorials, frequently asked questions, a regular live training sessions; new authoring features designed to make survey development go faster; and new reporting features that improve flexibility.

Qualtrics Review (Online Survey Software)

Qualtrics survey software from Utah-based Qualtrics is an excellent web-based survey software package that offers a fantastic array of question types, a well-designed survey development interface, good fielding/survey promotion capabilities and a powerful reporting engine. It has both panal management features and multi-users capabilities and should definitely be a contender if you’re a corporate research department or academic organization looking for a…

QSR Releases NVivo 8 Qualitative Data Analysis Software

#qsr international announced today the release of #nvivo 8, their application for analyzing “very rich” text based information (which, incidentally, includes not just text but also videos, interview recordings, documents, and media clips). According to the web site, NVivo removes many of the manual tasks associated with #qualitative analysis, such as classifying, sorting, and arranging…

PSOL Boosts Response Rate +23% with Prizes

#lake superior college recently collected data for its 4th #priorities survey for online learners, a standardized-ish survey from Noel-Levitz that helps schools measure the satisfaction of their online programs.  What’s neat (from my perspective) is that this year they offered their survey pool of over 2000 potential respondents the chance to win one of 40 2 GB USB drives…