PerkyPoll Review (collaborative polling software)

Who said that writing and taking surveys can’t be fun?

PerkyPoll is a new “collaborative polling site” which allows you to create simple surveys that can easily be integrated into blogs, web sites, and presumably other collaborative sites such as facebook or Myspace. Although I probably wouldn’t suggest that you use it for serious research, it does have some unique elements that might make it especially entertaining if you’re looking for a simple way to collect and share survey results on a non-business critical topic.

PerkyPoll doesn’t offer a lot of question types — but it does have some of the important ones, including “pick one” (radio buttons); “pick many” (checkboxes); “ranked lists” (done with drop down boxes); and “Cumulative” (constant sum). It does not allow you to have open-ended questions, although there is a space to comment at the end of the polls.

In addition to adding questions to PerkyPoll polls, you also give the poll a name, a description, a period during which you want to collect responses, and tags which can be used to help people find your poll. That’s pretty much it for customizability.

Once a PerkyPoll is published, it can’t be changed unless you delete any responses that have been collected already. Once published, the poll can be added to a widget, which is a piece of code you add to your web site in order to have it display properly. Widgets can be customized for a couple of different sizes (300×250 or 160×300) or you can simply include a link to your poll on the PerkyPoll web site.

PerkyPolls are collaborative. That is, people can literally share the same polls on multiple web sites, and all of the results get combined. So if you create a PerkyPoll about who is going to win the 2008 election, all of your friends can include the same PerkyPoll on their web sites and all of you will share the results.

A very short PerkyPoll

If you like a PerkyPoll you see online but don’t want to share results, you can be a CopyCat, which basically makes you’re going to make a fresh copy of the poll and use it for your own purposes. You can even flag the PerkyPolls that you like as “Informative,” “Perky,” “Quirky,” “Quality,” etc.

Everyone who takes the PerkyPoll (and perhaps even those who don’t take the poll) can view the results in a simple graph based format. Results can be filtered by gender, age, collection date and source.

PerkyPoll has a number of different membership levels. Bronze membership is free, and allows 3 active polls, unlimit widgit distribution and 1,000 respondents per poll. Results are stored for 1 month after the survey closes. Silver Membership is $9.95 per month and allows 6 active polls, unlimited widgets and unlimited respondents per survey. Both Bronze and Silver levels allow public polls only. The Gold Membership costs $14.95 per month and allows for unlimited simultaneous polls, unlimited widgets, unlimited respondents, and both public and private polls, along with the ability to block others from creating widgets for your survey.

PerkyPoll is in beta right now, during which time Gold Memberships are free (no doubt you will have to start paying when the software is out of beta, but who knows when that will be?)

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