Ruby Tabulation Software

Tim Macer of meaning ltd. wrote an article about Ruby Tabluation Software from the Australian firm Red Centre Software. I’ve always struggled way ways to automate the analysis and reporting on my ongoing surveys so I was intrigued. I signed up for the trial (they were very flexible — first they spent about an hour and a half with me on a webinar and then they let me try the full, unencumbered version of the software for more than a month) and fell in love with it.

As Tim Macer reports, it does have a bit of a learning curve, but once you work your way through the various manuals (one manual for data processing and setting up surveys; another manual for doing actual data analysis) you’ll find that the software is exceptionally powerful and very useful. It has a variety of data important options, a number of different ways you can process the data, and it integrates very well with Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint.

I won’t rewrite all of Tim’s article (you can read it by following the link below), but I will say that if you do a lot of tracking surveys and want to easily be able to cut your data every which way in a fairly effortless manner (once you get the survey set up right!) then this is the software package for you.

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