Smart Marketing: Using Online Analytics to Understand Guests

On November 18 Jeff Prystako of WDD (We Do Digital) and I presented “Smart Marketing: Using Online Analytics to Understand Your Guest” at the International Association of Amusement Parks annual Attractions Expo in Orlando, Florida. We covered a variety of topics ranging from the overall value of analytics to various ways you could maximize your use of Google Analytics to various other inexpensive online services that could be used to learn more about consumers visiting your website.

As it relates to Google Analytics, I discussed how we used the real time dashboard, the specific metrics we focused on most, Google Analytics dashboards, attribution modeling, acquisition channels, content groups, segments and benchmark reports.

My specific focus during the talk was web analytics and email analytics. I spoke about Google & Bing Webmaster tools, Google Analytics, Piwik, Woopra, GoSquared, Clicky, Open Web Analytics, CrazyEgg, LuckyOrange. I also discussed A/B testing services including Optimizely, Visual Web Designer, Unbounce and Marketizator as well as landing page services such as Instapage and LeadPages.

I briefly explored tools that could be used to personalize the visitor’s experience (without reprogramming the website) including Personyze and Marketizator. I finished up the web analytics section by briefly touching on the capabilities of Google Tag Manager.

Email Marketing

In terms of email marketing analytics, I discussed the metrics that we focused most on. I talked about the importance of deliverability and the various tools that were available including ReturnPath SenderScore, MailMonitor, and Touchstone Subject Line Gold — an amazing service that gives you the ability to predict how well any of your subject lines are likely to perform.

I talked about the tools we use to help use design our newsletter, including Litmus and Email On Acid as well as tools to help us improve our writing like Hemingway Editor. I also mentioned Owletter, a simple tool for tracking competitor emails.

Download the presentation here.

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