SPSS 17.0 Features Announced

SPSS 17.0 will feature improved research and reporting tools, greater accessibility for business users combined with new functionality for statistical programmers, and easier enterprise integration, deployment and management.

SPSS 17.0 new features will include:

  • Various new algorithms, plus improved speed and performance with additional multithreaded procedures.
  • New multiple imputation procedure in SPSS Missing Values that helps you more easily compelte datasets for more reliable analysis
  • Updated syntax editor that makes it easier to create, test and correct syntax
  • Improved integration with Microsoft Office
  • New SPSS EZ RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary value) module to help analysts identify top customers and clients
  • Ability to integrate third-party applications, procedures, and graphics packages created in R (through plug-ins)
  • Enhanced administrative tools to improve IT configuration of software.

Also to be released is a new SPSS EZ RFM module, designed to help marketers use recency, frequency, and monetary value analysis to find their most valuable customers.

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