SPSS Dimensions 5.0 Released

SPSS has announced the release of SPSS Dimensions 5.0, an upgrade to last year’s version 4.5. Although in my opinion this feels more like an incremental release, it does have some notable new features including the SPSS Desktop Author, a new customizable question wizard, better integration with SPSS Predictive Enterprise Repository and SPSS Report.

  • SPSS Desktop Author, which was previously released in the fall, is now (apparently) officially included as part of the SPSS Dimensions suite. It allows you to create surveys fairly easily in a friendly, powerful interface.
  • A new Question Wizard which makes it easy to build and rebuild questions with a consistent look. Using mrStudio is is also possible to build your own Question Wizards.
  • Interviewer Player is a new Dimensions component that makes it possible to conduct in-person interviews over the internet or using a laptop. Surveys are collected using local software and the uploaded online or using a phone when a connection is available.
  • SPSS Predictive Enterprise Repository “minimizes duplication and maintains research or corporate standards.” It is closely integrated with Clementine and other SPSS products.
  • SPSS Reporter — which is different from SPSS Desktop Reporter — is a web-deployed interactive reporting tools that “allows users to quickly publish and share reports in visual form.” Users can droll down into the survey reports and aggregate results to better understand customer feedback. 

SPSS Dimensions 5.0 is available now from SPSS. SPSS Desktop Reporter (also part of Dimensions) seems pretty much exactly the same as 4.5.

Sam Winstanley has some great, more technical observations on his blog.

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  1. Abraham
    September 29, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    Hi MArk, Any clue about the price of each component?

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