IBM SPSS Statistics 19 New Features

IBM/SPSS have posted to their web site the features of IBM SPSS Statistics 19, the latest version of SPSS for 2010 (known briefly for a time as PASW Statistics). New features include general linear mixed models, faster performance, a statistics web portal, automated linear models, a few syntax editor improvements, default measurement levels, a few new direct marketing capabilities and integration with the (new) IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services system.

  • General Linear Mixed Models (part of the Advanced Statistics Add-On) allow you to “create more accurate models for predicting non-linear outcomes based on hierarchical/nested data or data that includes repeated measures.”
  • Faster Performance: Supposed to offer faster compiled transformations in SPSS Statistics server, as well as faster pivot table generation in SPSS Statistics Base (which is a good thing — tables in SPSS 16+ seemed to take a lot longer than they did in SPSS 15).
  • Statistics Web Portal: Another feature for those of you using the SPSS Statistics Server lets you allow clients to do their own ad-hoc queries and analysis via a web interface. Also requires SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services.
  • Automated Linear Models: This should be fairly interesting. It allows you to build “powerful linear models in an easy, automated way in SPSS Statistics Base and in the SPSS Statistics Server.” It promises “automated data preparation to get data ready for analysis in a single step; techniques to improve model stability and accuracy; support for categorical predictors; more variable selection methods; interactive visualizations.”
  • Syntax Editor Improvements: Apparently more than a dozen performance and ease-of-use enhancements in the syntax editor.
  • Default Measurement Level: Allows you to automatically set your measurement level. The software automatically looks at the data when you open the file and decides what type of measurement level is best. Not that this took a lot of time, but every little time saver helps I suppose.
  • New Direct Marketing Capabilities include an improved interface; a scoring wizard; better, smarter output; integration with Salesforce.com.
  • IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services: New software to let you share and re-use data sets, secure them, and make them easier to use across the company.

There are lots of information and documentation available for SPSS 19. Read “IBM SPSS Statistics: What’s New” for detailed descriptions of the new features or you can download a free 14-day trial of IBM SPSS Statistics 19 from the SPSS web site. All of the user manuals for IBM SPSS Statistics 19 are also available online, including plug-ins, tools, command syntax reference, and guides to each of the modules.

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