Found an interesting comparison between the features of SPSS and STATA (two statistical analysis packages), as provided by several statisticians on Windows Live Spaces:

SPSS Advantages:

  • Slightly more user friendly in making complex tables & graphs
  • Nice routines for testing interactions in logistic regression models
  • Friendly ANOVA commands
  • Generally easier to use
  • Sophisticated survival analysis

STATA Advantages:

  • Much easier to run a probit
  • Much better documentation
  • Can do a lot more procedures than SPSS
  • Great company support, friendly user base
  • Multiple pooled cross sectional time series routines
  • Count procedures (poisson, negative binomial and zero routines)
  • Maximum likelihood estimators (Tobit, multinomial logit, ordinal logit, ordinal probit)
  • Huber-White correction for heteroskedascity
  • More comprehensive ANOVA routines
  • Cox regression
  • Duration analysis procedures
  • Capability to estimate models for complex surveys
  • Better weighting capability (pweights vs. aweights and iweights)
  • Ability to take clustering into account
  • Lots of user written solutions
  • Much better handling of longitudinal panel data
  • Event history analysis capabilities
  • Panel data analysis capabilities
  • Faster development than SPSS
  • Better leasing arrangement

What this all means to market researchers I cannot say — I generally in my day to day life do not use many of the statistical procedures they describe and I’ve never tried STATA.

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