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SPSS or Excel

Why use a data analysis package like SPSS when you could use Excel? I’ve just come across an interesting marketing piece from SPSS that goes into benefits one gets from using a dedicated data analysis package instead of trying to do all of your analysis in a spreadsheet. While it would be fair to expect that this isn’t necessary an unbiased comparison, it might offer some food for thought to those of you trying to figure out why you should bother to upgrade.

Tim Macer reviews E-Tabs Autograph 2.0

U.K. based Research journal reviewer Tim Macer recently published a review of ETabs AutoGraph 2.0, a program designed to assist in the “desktop creation of indivudual or repetitive charts and tables from most industry-standard tables for output to Excel or Powerpoint including Quantum, Merlin through TabsML, Pulse Train’s XtabsML, Wincross, Quanvert, Snap, Dimensions, Mentor, and…

Tim Macer reviews Merlinco’s MerlinPlus

In the May, 2006 issue of issue of the Market Research Society’s Research Magazine, Tim Macer reviewed Merlinco’s MerlinPlus, a powerful end-user analysis suite which can be fed either by surveys in industry-standard formats or by data collected using built-in modules for web surveys, handheld CAPI, touchscreen self-completion or simple standalone CATI. Tim liked the easy…