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Survey Software Email Deliverability Issues

Most survey software systems offer the ability to send out invitations to your potential respondents on your behalf. But how many of the e-mails actually get through, and how many end up in the spam folder? If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years, you can’t assume that your survey software provider will offer the same level of e-mail deliverability management as an e-mail vendor.

Building Your Own Survey Panel – Online Panel Management and Strategies

Julie Lemaster, an MBA student at the University of California- Riverside, has written an interesting paper (which is posted to the Sloan Center for Internet Retailing web site) entitled "Online Panel Management and Strategies: An Introduction for Managers." It is an introductory guide to managers who have been asked or have decided it is time…

Zoomerang Unveils Education Resource Center

Zoomerang recently announced the creation of a new "Education Resource Center" which will provide practical tips and best practices to educators interested in revitalizing their academic initiatives. The program, which is closely integrated with Zoomerang’s online survey service, is designed to give educators the tools they need to use survey research to drive curriculum decisions…